What's been happening in Quarry Bank gardens?

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The garden team at Quarry Bank has been keeping busy during the winter months. Below, our Gardener Ann gives us an update on what's been going on.

Back in November we began a lot of our winter projects and one or two have been done and dusted already. We have redesigned and replanted the terraces in the Upper garden, ready for the spring.

Meanwhile in the Lower garden, the team stripped out the existing planting and the rose posts, as well as a small path that wasn’t safe for visitors to walk on. By doing this we’ve extended the planting area and we’ll have a bigger bed for our herbaceous display in the Lower garden.

Stefan has been busy designing the layout and ordering the seed for the cut flower border in the Upper garden, and has started redesigning the planting below the sandstone cliff in the Lower garden. Meanwhile, Dot has been busy working on a plan for the new hen house and run for the Apprentice House garden.

Dedicated team

Head Gardener Sarah has been kept very busy attending all the planning meetings for the Upper garden as part of the Quarry Bank Project, and she’s been working beside the team in the garden as often as possible. I’ve led the work on the terraces and am working out the planting plan for the vegetable beds in the Upper garden.

Of course none of this could be done without the help of our dedicated team of volunteers who turn out rain or shine. Thanks to everyone for all their hard work.

Here’s looking forward to seeing the fruits (and flowers and veg) of our labours in early 2014.