Quarry Bank Gardens

Tennis Lawn

Splashes of spring colour in the garden at Quarry Bank Mill © Andrew Butler

Splashes of spring colour in the garden at Quarry Bank Mill

Stroll around the once Tennis Lawn of the Gregs and admire their former family home, Quarry Bank House.

Lower garden

Enjoy Quarry Bank’s beautiful garden in spring © Andrew Butler

Enjoy Quarry Bank’s beautiful garden in spring

The Lower garden is home to the ornamental Ladies garden created by Robert Hyde Greg in the 1860s. Our gardeners keep it bursting with colour through the seasons.

Ferney Brow

Janet and Pam have been helping to restore the Upper Garden © Quarry Bank Mill Images

Janet and Pam have been helping to restore the Upper Garden

Originally an orchard, Ferney Brow was planted with rhododendrons by Robert Hyde Greg to form a woodland walk to his home at Norcliffe Hall.

Upper garden

The Upper gardens are being restored by our garden team © Nick King

The Upper gardens are being restored by our garden team

The Upper garden was once the Kitchen garden and provided fruit and vegetables for the Greg family. It is home to the once magnificent curvilinear glasshouses. Find out about how you can help us to restore them by sponsoring a pane here...

Quarry Bank offers a garden full of drama. Paths climb up from the valley bottom passing by caves, cliffs and amazing trees and rhododendrons. Spectacular views down to the river and across to the mill are revealed as you walk.

Sarah Witts, Head Gardener

Our Head Gardener: Sarah Witts

Sarah is our Head Gardener here at Quarry Bank Mill and looks after the beautiful Quarry Bank Gardens, created by Samuel Greg in the 1800s.

The Apprentice House Garden

Make sure you pop up the drive and visit the Apprentice House garden, where the children who worked at the mill grew their own fruit and vegetables, as well as herbs for medicine.


The Curvilinear Glasshouse

Help us to restore the Glasshouse

Have you ever taken a walk to the Upper Garden at Quarry Bank and discovered the magnificent yet derelict curvilinear glasshouse in the walled garden?

Explore the history of the glasshouse and see how we plan to restore it to its former glory.

Garden gems

  • The Victorian dipping pond has recently been restored © Nick King

    Dipping pond

    Our volunteers uncovered this decorative dipping pond.

  • Stroll through the colourful Ladies garden © Quarry Bank Images

    Ladies garden

    Created in the 1860s, this ornamental flower bed is always full of colour.

  • The magnificent view from the Upper gardens © Nick King

    Upper garden viewpoint

    Gaze out at the picturesque view of the Lower gardens, Quarry Bank House and the Mill.

  • The cave in Quarry Bank Garden © Andrew Butler

    The cave

    Once home to a family, a blacksmith and a hermit!

Discover more about the Garden at Quarry Bank

 Discover more about the beautiful gardens at Quarry Bank, as Head Gardener Sarah Witts gives her insights into what makes this such a special place.