Uncover the story of Quebec House

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The boy born to be a soldier

James Wolfe came from a family with a strong military tradition

James Wolfe was born to be a soldier, he received his first commission aged just 14. By the time he was 22 he had been in battle four times, wounded three times had command of his own regiment.

The epic Battle of Quebec

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Wolfe commanded the army sent to capture Quebec. A vicious siege led to a desperate plan to capture the city. Wolfe’s army was victorious, but he paid the ultimate price.

The death of General Wolfe

West painted Wolfe into British history

Wolfe’s tragic death was immortalised by Benjamin West. This epic history painting became the most popular image of the time. It secured Wolfe’s place in British military history.

Tulips stand guard at the front of Quebec House © John Rawlinson

Tulips stand guard at the front of Quebec House

Restoration and gift to the National Trust