Our work

 © Sophia Schorr-Kon

From the past to the future

Located in a landscape dominated by modern industry and infrastructure, Rainham Hall, is like a time-capsule – a place in which the ties of strong community and the traces of an earlier age are still tangible.

Rainham Hall was built when the Thames was the gateway to the world. We want Rainham Hall to become a gateway for people to discover more about the history of their area, to learn new skills, make new friends, and have fun.

Replacing the roof on the stableblock

Watch as the stableblock roof is completely replaced. This historic building was saved through a major refurbishment and now houses the Stables café.


We conducted an archaeological dig at Rainham Hall in 2013

At the start of the project Rainham Hall was a bit of an enigma. Hours of historic research, archaeological investigation, local research and consultation with the local community are all essential ingredients to making the project a success.


We’re working with volunteers on a costume working group

From the outset this has been a project about people and we are continuing to work closely with the local community to not only develop a place they are proud of but somewhere with opportunities for getting involved and learning new skills.


The staircase at Rainham is a very early use of mahogany in interior design

With no original collection and no single famous personality who lived on site, we have the opportunity at Rainham Hall to do something new and exciting. We are creating a place where past and present co-exist comfortably and where opportunities to get involved abound.