Eating & shopping

New café opens in Morris' kitchen

Visitors love the variety of cake offered in the cafe

Visitors love the variety of cake offered in the cafe

Tasty treats

William Morris' kitchen and pantry have been returned to the original colour scheme as specified by Philip Webb in the plans and turned into a cosy café. Now everyone can experience a little bit of living at Red House while enjoying a light lunch, hot drinks and cake or a cream tea. There's free wi-fi available too.

Warming lunches

Try a delicious higgidy pie in our cafe

Our tasty and filling higgidy pies have been very popular with visitors. But our filled baked potatoes or chunky soup are just as delicious alternatives

Tea and cake

No better place to have tea and cake at any time of day

We offer lots of varieties of cake and coffee to sample at any time of day as well as a good old mug of tea. Spoil yourself with a piece of pecan and blueberry cake for example or even a cream tea.

Furniture to match

Come and eat in William Morris’ kitchen

We commissioned the arts and crafts style furniture in the style of William Morris specially for the cafe. The pretty blue and white crockery was added because Janey Morris loved that style too.

New shop open in the coach house

Our shop has moved into the coach house that suits the new rustic style. It's larger and brighter to make browsing and shopping a more relaxing experience and it's full of textiles, ceramics and notepaper decorated with Morris & Co's well known designs.There's a wide range of books related to the period and some items unique to Red House too. Do come along and find a gift or momento of your visit.

Explore the new shop full of William Morris related designs

Explore the new shop full of William Morris related designs

Morris' motto badges

Take home a badge unique to Red House

If you want to buy something unique to Red House, this is it. A badge emblazoned with Morris's motto which you find on tiles and painted on windows around the house. We have stained glass too depicting the comic birds painted on the gallery windows and Burne-Jones's classic Fortuna and Love designs.

Morris & Co gifts

Buy a Morris

Choose from a variety of pretty Morris & Co decorated gift boxes. Morris' patterns make the usual a little different and there are silk scarves and ties in Morris designs too.

Red House wombats

Buy a Red House wombat named after Morris’ friends who visited here

Not just for children, our wombats have different faces and are labelled with the names of the Pre-raphaelite friends who loved wombats and visited here. Edward Burne-Jones even painted one into his wallpainting depicting a medieval feast so this is a fun reminder of a beautiful painting.