Deer spotting in Gatton Park

Shy Roe deer, Gatton Park © Marc Russell

Shy Roe deer, Gatton Park

Gatton Park in Surrey is a great place to spot Roe deer when you're out for a walk, but to maximise your chances you need to go out in the park either first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening.

During the day the deer tend to find a nice quiet place to lay up, where they’re not likely to be disturbed by walkers or dogs, but take a slow quiet stroll at either end of the day and you could be treated to a close encounter.

Who’s watching who?

Often when you’re walking along a path the deer are watching you from the safety of a field of long grass or the cover of the trees in a wood. They feel confident that we can’t see them and quite often they’re right. Our ranger, Marc Russell, has seen people pass within a few yards of Roe deer and not notice that they’re missing these wonderful shy animals. It’s amazing how much we don’t notice when out walking.

Next time you’re visiting the Park take your time and stop every so often, look back to the woods and across the fields and we hope you’ll see a Roe deer.