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A secluded, unspolit beach at Ayrmer

Located next to the beautiful village of Ringmore, Ayrmer Cove is an amazing site with stunning open cliff faces and rock formations with views out to secluded coves.

Reach Ayrmer Cove by travelling along old smugglers lanes through the peaceful Ringmore valley past fields and mixed woodland coppices teaming with diverse wildlife including adders, dragonfly, dormice and the rare cirl bunting.

Stroll through Ringmore Wood to see some classic English woodland including willow and oak trees and in the spring, carpets of bluebells and primroses. Keep a close eye on the sea also as there is a chance you may spot basking sharks or dolphins off the coastline.

Explore Ayrmer's rockpools

Shanny in a watchful pose

The dramatic cliffs and rocks at the cove mainly comprise of sandstones, siltstones and shales.

At low tide, the sea reveals vast rockpools teeming with marine creatures like shannies, anemones and starfish.

Home to the dormouse

These shy little creatures can only be touched by licensed handlers

Walking down Smuggler’s Lane to the sea, notice the hedgerows which date back hundreds of years. Hazel trees line the hedge bank and provide an important food source for the rare, golden-coloured dormouse.

A pint and a spot of lunch?

Enjoy a pint at the end of the walk

Visit the Journey's End Inn which dates from the 13th century. Once the haunt of smugglers, it still houses a secret room where smugglers hid their contraband.

Take a walk

Views across from Beacon Hill and Hoist Point

We'd like to share a few of our favourites:

Many of the photographs on this page were taken along the Ayrmer Cove trail.

The latest news

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Hurray for extra help

Clearing and pruning the orchard at Ringmore

A core group of around ten volunteers make up the Ringmore group. They work mostly in the orchard, clearing vegetation, pruning and harvesting but also get involved with other things like beach cleans at the local beach at Ayrmer Cove.