Learning is fun on the River Wey © NT

Learning is fun on the River Wey

School visits

Our unique location means that you can arrange to arrive on foot, by boat, by rail (plus 10-minute walk) or by road. The learning team has devised a wide range of activities, each lasting an hour, to provide teachers and learners with an enjoyable, educational and stimulating experience. All our activities, led by the learning team, meet current national curriculum guidelines.


  • Learning about river flows © NT

    River studies

    Witness first-hand the effects of erosion and deposition and take part in an exciting experiment....

  • Site tour © NT


    Discover how the Navigations helped to transport a wide range of goods around the South East.


  • Victorian costume collection © NT

    Site Tour

    Use interactive displays and models to find out more about the site at Dapdune Wharf.

  • The handling collection © NT

    Historical enquiry

    Develop knowledge and understanding of the past by handling artefacts from our collection.


  • Pond dipping at Dapdune © NT

    Invertebrate study

    Use our dipping platforms and special equipment to discover the organisms in our creek.

  • Bug hunting © NT


    Study the terrestrial invertebrates living on our island using special techniques

Get in touch to arrange your class visit © NT

Get in touch to arrange your class visit

Book your visit

Please arrange class visits in advance - it usually helps if a teacher makes a free introductory visit. Call 01483 561389, ask for Pam or Josie or email us.

School visits tend to take place between March and October, and cost £1.50 per child/session, plus £1.50 entry to the wharf (EGM members and accompanying adults have free entry).