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Newtimber is a haven for butterflies with over 30 species found between April and September. Downland specialities include the adonis blue, chalkhill blue and silver spotted skipper.


Take a walk around Newtimber between May and September and you'll discover why it's considered one the top downland sites in the country.


Different seasons bring different birds but the residents include the kestral, buzzard, green woodpecker and rook.


Deer, foxes, stoats, weasels, badgers and bats can be seen on the hills around Saddlescombe.


Newtimber Holt has 100s of different species - from minute parachute mushrooms to the giant and deadly (for trees) ganoderma. The grassland holds an equal, but more elusive, allure with the beautifully coloured waxcaps.


Newtimber's chalk grassland flowers provide a great bounty for the 1000s of different insects that thrive here in summer. Look out for the bloody nosed beetle and the brightly coloured daytime flying moths.