Happy habitats

A long eared bat at Scotney © National Trust

A long eared bat at Scotney

With over 770 acres of parkland and woodland, our estate has a range of diverse habitats. Most of the land here is classed as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). We're involved in monitoring programmes for dormice, bats and great crested newts.

Kestrels nesting at the Old Castle

We've played host to a family of kestrels over the last few years. Here's a film we made of them, which was shown on BBC's Springwatch.

Spotted at Scotney



We've a fantastic habitat for dormice due to our hazel coppice, which is sheltered under the broadleaf woodland. We also boast the only land bridge in the UK that's specifically designed to give access to land mammals such as the protected dormice.



From Daubenton's and pipistrelle to the curious brown long-eared bat, there are many species residing all around the Scotney estate. Why not join one of our head ranger’s brilliant bat walks, held throughout the year?


 © National Trust

There's nothing quite like watching the dragonflies skim over the moat on a warm summer's day. The most magnificent of these creatures is the brilliant emerald dragonfly. There are so many species here it's a challenge to see how many different ones you can spot.