Passport To Your Future opportunity

Our gardening team at work © Maureen Ritson

Our gardening team at work

Latest update 06.12.2013 15:35

We’ve been successful in bidding to take part in the National Trust’s Passport To Your Future project for 2014.

We’re looking for one person to come and join us at Seaton Delaval Hall for a year’s paid training with our gardening team.

We want to increase diversity within the National Trust and are looking for people who will really benefit from this scheme. It’s open to all, but it is all about breaking down the barriers to enabling people to succeed.

We’d therefore particularly like to hear from people if they have a disability, a lack of formal qualifications, have been long-term unemployed or are from an under-represented ethnic minority group.

Trainees don’t need qualifications or work experience, we’re just looking for someone with a real love for engaging our visitors with our heritage spaces, who’ll be able to tell us how they’ll benefit from the programme, what it means to them and how it will help them succeed.

The trainees will be paid and will follow a structured training course, which we hope will act as a stepping stone for a further career in heritage spaces.

Applications will start online in early January 2014. We’ll also be hosting a Taster Day so people can get an opportunity to get a better idea of what’s in store. You don’t have to come to the Taster Day to apply, but it might help people decide whether it’s right for them or not.

And the application process itself is very flexible and doesn’t have to be a form. You can apply by post, online, by sending us a picture, film or Powerpoint!

You can register your interest right now through our website