Things to see & do

Shalford Mill

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What's on

We have loads of fun things to do at Shalford Mill, from identifying birds, bats and spiders to baking with the miller's wife or making a mask. One of our most popular events, Meet the Millers, is happening soon.

Group visits

A group visit to Shalford Mill

The Mill is a fascinating place to visit, but we're limited to a maximum of 30 people at any one time. There's no toilet or cafe, but there's a lovely pub across the road, the Seahorse. To book a tour, call 01483 561389.

The virtual tour

Our friendly, knowledgeable guides

For those of you not keen to climb up three floors of ladders, we have a virtual tour on a laptop on the ground floor. Our knowledgable guides will supply the detail and you see what it looks like from the ground floor.