The Wild Garden


Rhododenddrons on main drive at Sheringham Park © Rosemary Bird

Rhododenddrons on main drive at Sheringham Park


We have over 80 species of Rhododendron and Azalea in the wild garden providing colour through much of the year with peak flowering occurring from mid May into early June.
Two viewing platforms provide ideal vantage points from which to look down on a carpet of colour and over the surrounding countryside.

Chilean Lantern tree

Chiliean Lantern tree tucked away from main drive © Malcolm Fisher

Chiliean Lantern tree tucked away from main drive

Flowering in May and June our Chilean lantern trees are one of the hidden gems of the wild garden. Tucked away a group of seven trees are situated in a small clearing towards the northern end of the garden. Their flowers hanging like long stalked crimson lanterns are certainly worth a small detour from the main drive. Ask in the visitor centre for directions.


Specimen trees

The Smooth Japanese Maple is one of many specimen trees at Sheringham Park © Malcolm Fisher

The Smooth Japanese Maple is one of many specimen trees at Sheringham Park

The park has a great variety of specimen trees from all over the world.

This Smooth Japanese Maple is a fine example giving a different look throughout the year. It is particularly eye catching during the autumn.

You can purchase a guide for £1.50 providing details of 21 species that can be found in the park.

Ancient and remarkable trees



We have some special trees in the park, some ancient, some just big including a national champion and even one that walks. Our national ancient tree advisor Brian Muelaner led a walk here recently; see what he thinks about some of our ancient and remarkable trees.

Take a look of our trees through Brian’s eyes.




Rhododendron Walk

Walk with head gardener Graham Brennan on a tour of the wild garden when the flowering is at its peak. He will share with you his knowledge of the wild garden built up from his 10 years working here.


A great place for families to relax. Adults observe while children see what lives in the pond or use their imagination in our environmental art area. Find out what you can smell, feel and hear in the sensory garden.

Veteran Trees

Sheringham Park is home to magnificent veteran trees. Oak trees probably planted at the time of the Black Death (1348), sweet chestnuts with their twisted trunks and beech trees all thrive here.