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A casualty of fashion

As grand as it seems, the house is in fact only the servants' wing of an even larger house built in the mid 15th century by the Bonville family.

The rest of the house fell victim to the wealthy and fashion conscious Sir John William de la Pole who bought the estate in 1787. He built a new Shute Barton a ¼ mile further down the road.


Wars of the Roses

Misfortune for the family

The Wars of the Roses was a time of chaos for the Bonvilles. After fighting for the Yorkists, Sir William Bonville was beheaded after being defeated in the second battle of St Albans in 1461.


Tragedy & treason

Cicely Bonville was married to Sir Thomas Grey, whose descendents famously attempted to put Lady Jane Grey on the throne in 1553.

The New World

Buckland Abbey Costume Group modeling their work, Devon

Shute was later brought by the Pole family, descendents of the Bonvilles.

In the 17th century Elizabeth and William Pole were amongst the first to travel to America, founding Taunton in Massachusetts.


A perfect party venue

The famous Shute Barton fireplace is believed to be the longest in England

The famous Shute Barton fireplace is believed to be the longest in England

In 1829 an extravagant coming of age party for Sir John George Reeve de la Pole was held. It's said that the celebrations went on for three days and nights with 20,000 people attending.

Two oxen were roasted whole in the open air, the spit that was used hangs in the kitchen at Shute which is said to have the largest fireplace in England.


An unforgettable experience

Another chapter in this house’s history has begun. Shute has been restored and sympathetically renovated to provide unique holiday accommodation.