The rangers at Sissinghurst Castle

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We don’t really want you or the estate wildlife to see where we've been working. Which is why we do a lot of jobs in the winter, not only for your benefit but so that it will minimise the disturbance to the wildlife and plants on the estate.

Our main objective is to maintain and enhance habitats which benefit wildlife. We try to make habitats on the estate as diverse as possible, which benefits the greatest number of species here. 

We do this by making certain that in the summer months there is plentiful food for wildlife and in the winter months that there is enough food, shelter and nesting sites for the creatures living on the estate.

Practical tasks

Our main practical tasks involve managing water levels, creating wildlife corridors and cutting and planting vegetation. In the summer we let the vegetation grow and just cut the minimal amount and in the winter we cut it right back so light reaches the woodland and pond floors. 

This lets the water flow and the whole habitat can just get ready for another year of growing. We save the wood and use it to make pea sticks for the garden, any excess is sold in the plant shop.

The Sissinghurst Estate acts as a backdrop to the garden and fits in with the timeless Wealden landscape. We're really conscious though not to plant anything that will grow too big, or quickly, or that will block the fantastic views from the garden out onto the estate.

Find out more

Having done all this hard work, we want people to come and appreciate it. Making the estate an accessible place and helping you to gain a greater understanding of the countryside is an important part of the work we do; we also run a series of events throughout the year. 

These include hedge-laying courses, dawn-chorus walks, working holidays, bluebell walks and moth displays. Check out our events page to see what’s coming up.