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Find Psyche in the Tapestry Bedroom © National Trust/Alex Muir

Find Psyche in the Tapestry Bedroom

Item of the month

We have several tapestries in the collection here at Speke Hall and this Flemish tapestry, dating from the 1860s, is one of a set of three hanging in the Tapestry Bedroom (well it had to get its name from somewhere!). It tells the story of Psyche after she had been cast out of her husband Cupid’s palace. She is walking through the underworld completing a set of cruel tasks set by Venus, who was jealous of Psyche’s beauty.

The collection

Speke Hall was restored in the 1800s. There are only a few Tudor items remaining but the contents are a wonderful mixture of carved oak furniture, stained glass, tapestries, ceramics, books, paintings, arms and armour.

Tidying the Textiles Store

It's not just a linen cupboard, our Textiles Store is a big room. It needs to be to store all the carpets, tapestries and other fabric items that can't currently be displayed in the Hall. This spring cleaning video was filmed over the course of a whole day. Yes, it took that long to move everything out and clean the shelves.

Restoring the shine

Wax on..wax off... © National Trust/Alex Muir

Wax on..wax off...

It's a tricky job to care for all the items in our collection and some of them need more looking after than others. It takes a lot of elbow grease to keep the Gillows billiard table looking smart.