Things to see & do

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What's on

We arrange lots of family activities and general interest or specialist walks around St Catherine's, Knowles Farm and Wydcombe.

Fascinating stories

For those fascinated by the past, this area has lots of stories, such as Marconi's early experiments at Knowles Farm, Hoy's monument to the Tsar and the great landslip of 1928.

Don't miss

  • The Pepperpot, St Catherine's medieval oratory
  • Fulmars, peregrine falcons and ravens above St Catherine's Point
  • The hidden delights of the Wydcombe Valley


St Catherine's Point on the southern tip of the Isle of Wight is the prime location for bird watching. Enjoy walking up to the Pepperpot and Hoy Monument on St Catherine's Down. And lots more...

The monk and the merchant walk

St Catherine's Oratory, known locally as the Pepperpot

St Catherine's Oratory, known locally as the Pepperpot

Ships a-hoy... Enjoy a breathtaking 5-mile walk steeped in history, with spectacular panoramic views across the island.