Our work

Mrs Beale and gardener in the Quarry Garden at Standen

Mrs Beale and gardener in the Quarry Garden at Standen

Recreating Mrs Beale's garden

Standen Revival is a five year project to recreate the historic gardens at Standen. Margaret Beale was a keen and reputable plantswoman who created a unique and personal garden inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement. 

Follow our progress to recreate this beautiful garden.

What's happening now

  • Phase one of the kitchen garden restoration opens spring 2014, with new beds for rhubarb, asparagus, lots of other fruit and vegetables and very soon, our new chickens
  • The house courtyard and terrace have been redesigned and we will be implementing this work during the spring with new sandstone edging and planting schemes
  • The top terrace has been replanted with 500 new trees over the winter and offers stunning new views over Weirwood Reservoir and towards Ashdown Forest
  • The little hydrangea path alongside the main lawn is being given a makeover and will become the main access route between the middle and lower gardens

Tour the garden to find out more

Colour in the herbaceous borders outside the conservatory

Colour in the herbaceous borders outside the conservatory

Our new garden walk leaflet highlights the history of the garden and our restoration plans over the next few years. Pick up a copy from reception during your visit.

We want to share this exciting project with as many people as we can so join a garden tour, visit the potting shed exhibition, or follow us on Facebook for the latest news.

Top terrace

Spectacular views from the Top Terrace at Standen

Inspired by the historic records of the original 1910 design, we've cleared the top terrace of inappropriate trees and shrubs planted after the 1987 storms. Whilst retaining the new views that have been opened up, we will start to replant this area in November.  Come and see the changes and enjoy stunning views across to Ashdown Forest.

Quarry garden

Philip Webb bridge in the Quarry Garden at Standen

Increased popularity of rock gardens in the 19th century led to the quarry garden at Standen being created after the sandstone was taken for the building of the house. Designed and built by James Backhouse III, 535 different varieties of plant including alpines and ferns were planted. We aim to re-establish the right environment here with new tree ferns recently reinstated.

Kitchen garden

View of the Kitchen Garden from the Water Tower at Standen

Extending the productive area of the garden will be done in stages. In Spring 2014 we will open the first extension of the kitchen garden which will include rhubarb and asparagus beds to supply our Barn Café. We are researching and sourcing suitable apple cultivars with an emphasis on local Sussex strains.