Stepping into Spring at Stowe

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Have you got a spring in your step and want to get outdoors for some fresh air? There's something for everyone to discover at Stowe this season.

Over the spring pick up one of our trails which will take you on a route around the gardens to discover the fresh beginnings and beauty of the spring flowers. Join us for a refreshing Mother's Day with bulb planting in the secret Lamport Garden and perfumed card crafts. Enjoy the first signs of spring and see the young lambs in the parkland on your route down the Bell Gate Drive to the gardens entrance.

What flowers are in the gardens?

  • Scilla are in beautiful bloom up by the Grotto within the Elysian Fields, famously designed by artist, architect and landscape gardener William Kent.
  • Turk’ Head Tulips are and 18th century spring bulb and can be found by the Temple of Concord & Victory.
  • Our 18th century daffodils are looking splendid between Grenville’s Column and Stowe House.
  • Discover wood and blue anemones in the Sleeping Wood

What wildlife could we see?

  • If you’ve got plenty of time to spare, try a walk in our parkland. With lots of open space to enjoy you may get to see the new arrivals amongst the sheep and long horn cattle. The views within the parkland open up the wider landscape and will surprise you of views you may have never seen before of the temples.
  • Within the gardens the swans are on the Octagon and Eleven Acre Lakes and if you are lucky you will see last year’s signet’s with their tiny bit of remaining grey down.
  • Baby animals are full of the joys of spring but are still vulnerable at this stage. Please consider this and enjoy the view from afar.

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