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Abandon the car - this is Pembrokeshire's walking country

This is the most rugged and remote stretch of the Pembrokeshire Coast, from the peak of Garn Fawr near Strumble Head to the cliffs of Pen yr Afr in the north.

Pen Anglas and Dinas Island guard the entrance to Fishguard Harbour, and Castell Farmhouse is a holiday cottage with a view few can equal. Linked throughout by the coast path, it offers splendid coastal walking.

Walking barefoot

Try walking barefoot on the Pen Anglas headland walk

Try walking barefoot on the Pen Anglas headland walk

We've designed a special walk that gives you the opportunity to experience barefoot walking. You'll never want to put your shoes back on once you've tried it, but don't forget your towel to clean your feet with after the walk.

Head off the coast path at Pen Anglas towards the beacon and feel the soft peat and grit between your toes. You'll make a powerful connection to the rugged spirit of this place.

Is this the weather for a barefoot walk?

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Top 5 things at Strumble Head to Cardigan

Bring it on

We reckon there are at least 15 things to do at Strumble Head to Cardigan. Start with these.

  • Go on a walk barefoot
  • Go star gazing
  • Daisy chain
  • Make a grass trumpet
  • Learn to ride a horse

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