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Sudbury Hall

Delve into the history

The builder of Sudbury

Portrait of George Vernon, builder of the house; by J.M. Wright © NTPL John Hammond

Sudbury Hall tells the story of a house designed and built as a show piece for 17th century craftsmanship. Created by George Vernon, he used his social, political and marital links to achieve his vision of a spectacular family home.

Wonderful craftsmanship

Remember to look up as you walk round the hall © Hannah Steggles

George Vernon began building his ideal home in 1660. It took over 30 years before the hall was finished. During this time many locally and nationally renowned craftsman created some of the most amazing interiors, which can still be seen today.

The women of Sudbury

A portrait of Margaret Onley 1st wife of George Vernon © NTPL/Hannah Steggles

The wives of the Vernon family have left their legacy at Sudbury. Through marriage, these women brought wealth, connections or improved social standing to the family.

Our treasures

Louisa Barbara Mansel, Lady Vernon, by Thomas Gainsborough © Brian Birch and Ian Buxton

You can find out more about our fantastic collection online, or discover it in person by visiting Sudbury and meeting our welcoming room guides.

Highlights of the hall

One of the finest examples of 17th century craftmanship © Andreas von Einsiedel

George Vernon created a wonderful family home which has stood the test of time to be enjoyed today. These are some of the things you shouldn't miss on your visit round the Hall.

Grinling Gibbons

A detail of Grinling Gibbon’s carving of dead fish and game © Andreas von Einsiedel

Grinling Gibbons was one of the finest woodcarvers in England and the carving at Sudbury is a well documented example of his work. Find out about how the carving was recently conserved on your visit.


The billiard room is also our temporary exhibition space © Beryl Meadows

Our Billiard room is used for many things, besides a quick game. It is also the temporary exhibition space in the hall. We have a range of exhibitions throughout the year.