Our work

A beautiful floor

Conservation work being carried out on tiles in the Hall at Sunnycroft © John Millar

Conservation work being carried out on tiles in the Hall at Sunnycroft

In 2011 Sunnycroft had its beautiful Victorian entrance floor conserved. The floor which is made of encaustic tiles was laid in 1899 as part of the extension of the original house. The tiles were made locally in the Ironbridge Gorge by Maw & Co. Over time the tiles had lifted from the floor bed and had to be re-bedded by our conservators.

The fernery

The restored fernery in the Conservatory © Julie Moore

The restored fernery in the Conservatory

In the Conservatory lies our fernery which was created by Mary Jane Slaney and her gardener, Thomas Steventon. The pair won prizes for their ferns at the Shrewsbury Flower Show between 1894 and 1906. This year our garden team have restored the fernery to its original condition. Have a look at our information board when you visit.

 © National Trust Images/John Millar

Our collection

We have several thousand objects on display and tucked in cupboards. We are currently cataloguing lots of our collection that is held in store. Look out for our events like Handicraft Weekend and Handbags and Gladrags when we put delicate objects on display.

To discover more about our collection visit the National Trust Collections online.