Archaeologists excited by recent finds © National Trust

Archaeologists excited by recent finds

Rendlesham Rediscovered

'A Village of Kings'

Sutton Hoo has always been considered as the first chapter in English history with its fine Mound One objects being discovered by Basil Brown some 75 years ago. The King in the mound, believed to be Raedwald would have lived nearby, but until recently no hard evidence had ever come to light to prove where this might have been.
'Rendlesham Rediscovered' is a unique opportunity to view a selection of exquisite pieces discovered by a recent archaeological survey and learn more about how these Anglo-Saxon people lived, worked and traded.

The Exhibition opened for the first time on 15 March and runs until Sunday 2 November 2014, normal site admission applies.

Winter exhibition 2014

Sutton Hoo at sunset

Our Winter exhibition will be open from Saturday 8 November 2014.

Planning starts soon for this exciting annual event.

Fascinating facts

  • 37 - the number of gold coins found within the ship burial
  • 1507 - the number of miles the Byzantine bowl travelled
  • 30.5 - the height in metres from the river Deben to the ship burial
  • 625 - the year in which it is believed King Raedwald died
  • 18 - the total number of mounds originally present at Sutton Hoo
  • 3 - number of Anglo-Saxon ship burials discovered in the UK to date

Want to know more?

Short 15 minute talks on a range of fascinating topics are held in the exhibition hall by the Sutton Hoo Society guides. Timings and topics vary. Information displayed outside the exhibition hall.

Hidden Hoo reveals a new chapter at Sutton Hoo © Matt Keal

Hidden Hoo reveals a new chapter at Sutton Hoo

Hidden Hoo

In the year 2000, archaeologists were excavating a corner of the Sutton Hoo estate in preparation for the construction of the exhibition hall and visitor services buildings and discovered graves that pre-date the famous mounds.

You can explore the burial area in detail with the 'Garden Grave' Trail, ask at visitor reception for details.