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Community and learning

Family learning at Sutton House

Sutton House is an award-winning institution for education and learning. Family learning here takes parents and their children into a new environment and encourages them to learn together.

Family learning at Sutton House

Our programmes place a special emphasis on developing core skills in literacy and maths in early years children. They also introduce their families to Sutton House as a place to enjoy and play. We have around 4,000 school children discovering Sutton House every year.

Have a look at this video to discover more of what we do.

Film project with the over-55s group

This term, the over-55s captured Sutton House's stories on film. The film project with the over-55s group aims to explore a selection of the events and people of Sutton House through visual storytelling. The workshops focus on collage illustration, model-making and photography for stop-frame animation. This video is an example of the group's work. 

Recycled teenagers

Over 55s social at Sutton House

Every Friday our over-55s group, or ‘recycled teenagers’, use our spaces. Some members have been attending the group for the past eight years.

If you'd like to find out more or maybe join us, please call us on 0208 259066. We'd love to hear from you.

Taking care of Sutton House

Detail of unique painted staircase, Sutton House, Hackney

All through the year we work hard to take care of the house and collection. This means conserving our unique panelling, wallpaper and paintings as well as cataloguing our growing archive. Come and see the results for yourself.

New spaces for you to discover

We're currently working on a new outside space for you to enjoy and discover. The Breakers Yard will tell intriguing and new stories of Sutton House and its 20th-century history.

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