Packwood Follies

Packwood Follies

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Explore the Giant Bed at Packwood House

Inspired by a quote from the 1930s visitors’ book, describing Packwood as ‘a house to dream of, a garden to dream in’, artist Hilary Jack has created a giant sized, hand carved, four-poster bed, made from a felled oak.

Embedded references the historic beds within the house, and famous beds in history, folklore and fairytale. Sunken into the landscape, filled with soil and planted with turf, Embedded offers an alterative view of the house and landscape and a place for contemplation and dreaming.


See what you can see inside the InsideOutHouse

InsideOutHouse is a cottage in the Bluebell Wood constructed on a timber frame and clad with discarded reproduction Tudor furniture collected from a variety of sources.

The InsideOutHouse is a hybrid, lying somewhere between a fairy tale cottage in the wood and a simple homestead. InsideOutHouse has uncanny qualities and highlights the sense of enchantment at Packwood along with the furniture collection and the changing architectural face, scale and fortunes of the house over time.


Explore the smaller Hive installation.

 Hive as a community of small scale huts, hideaways and structures tucked away in recesses intended for the storage of Bee Skeps in the formal gardens.
Hilary says 'Hive’ is a small homage to the seemingly secretive, magical and industrious work quietly carried out by the generations of gardeners at Packwood who, over countless seasons, have maintained the huge topiary yews and wide borders at Packwood, going back and forth to their sheds and huts for tools and tea.’


Cadbury Play Grant

The Packwood Follies have been generously funded by a Cadbury Play Grant.

Hilary has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad. Recent commissions include Packwood Follies at National Trust Packwood House, Empty Nest at Compton Verney, Warwickshire and for Flights of Fancy, The Tatton Park Biennial 2012

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Building the Packwood Follies

Hilary Jack works with a variety of salvaged materials, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary, and at Packwood she has incorporated the mystical, 'fairytale' feel of the property in the creation of three installations entitled, InsideOutHouse, Embedded and Hive. Here Hilary explains her ideas behind each one.