Walled Garden

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A tranquil haven in all seasons

Escape the city

Spring flowers

The garden is a tranquil oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Sit a while and listen to the sounds and songs of the Minster. Don't forget to bring your camera for those early spring flower shots.


Bees are kept in the produce garden at Treasurerâ¿¿s House

Listen to the spring songbirds in the walled garden, which is home to many birds, animals and insects. The bees in the produce garden have been fed sugar water to keep them going over the colder months.

Green fingers

In the interests of protecting the environment and keeping noise to a minimum, the gardening team at Treasurer's House only use hand tools. No motor mowers or hedge trimmers are used and most garden waste is composted and recycled as fertiliser.

Helping the environment with pedal power

Meet our statues

  • Here mercury is both a statue and a water feature © Mark Ivkovic


    The winged messenger Mercury, cast here in lead, is a water feature at the centre of our pond.

  • Vulcan greeting the visitors with his hammer and anvil © Treasurer's House, National Trust


    The god of fire, Vulcan, stands on the steps with his hammer and anvil, looking at the house.

  • Neptune, God of the Seas, in our city center walled garden © Treasurer's House, National Trust


    With his dolphin and shell, god of the seas Neptune takes pride of place.