Walled Garden

A tranquil haven through the seasons

Treasurer’s House garden blooms into life in the spring and summer © Treasurer's House / National Trust

Treasurer’s House garden blooms into life in the spring and summer

At the centre of Minster Close, the walled garden at Treasurer's House is surrounded by beautiful architecture - the house's classical symmetry can be seen at its best.

One of the most eye-catching structures is York Minster, which towers over the garden. Our impressive garden gate opens out on to York Minster's chapter house and garden.

Meet our statues

  • Here mercury is both a statue and a water feature © Mark Ivkovic


    The winged messenger Mercury, cast here in lead, is a water feature at the centre of our pond.

  • Vulcan greeting the visitors with his hammer and anvil © Treasurer's House, National Trust


    The god of fire, Vulcan, stands on the steps with his hammer and anvil, looking at the house.

  • Neptune, God of the Seas, in our city center walled garden © Treasurer's House, National Trust


    With his dolphin and shell, god of the seas Neptune takes pride of place in our city centre garde...

Treasurer's trees

The plane trees offer a cool shelter in the summer months

A large mature ash lies in the south-eastern corner of the garden and a striking avenue of London plane trees guiding you into the house entrance. Visit in spring to see our quince tree in flower and come again in Autumn to sample the quince bakewell and jelly in the Below Stairs Cafe.

Beautiful blooms

Tulips are the crowing glory of the Treasurer's House garden at this time of year, framing the borders in bright white with the subtle splashes of colour. The quince tree in the corner of the garden is also just coming into flower.   

An event with a view

Surrounded by fabulous architecture and overlooked by York Minster this is the perfect setting for any celebration, wedding or corporate event. Ideal for al fresco drinks and canapés at the start of your celebration.

Helping the environment with pedal power