Looking after special places forever, for everyone © National Trust/Marina Rule

Looking after special places forever, for everyone

Helping us to look after this special place

Trengwainton is one of a remarkable variety of gardens, buildings, areas of countryside and coastline that we look after as a charity.

We receive no direct state grant or subsidy for our general work; we rely on our supporters to help. Donations are welcome, but listed below are other ways to make your money go just that bit further.

Become a member

When you sign up for Trust membership at Trengwainton, you not only contribute to our main source of income, but we receive an additional bonus from central funds towards our work here in the garden.

Opt to Gift Aid it

If you choose to Gift Aid your entrance fee, membership subscription or donation and are a UK tax payer, we can reclaim the basic rate of tax.  All we need is a signed Gift Aid declaration.

Buy a raffle ticket

When you buy a raffle ticket here, the money you pay is used only to fund projects at Trengwainton. For every £1 you spend on a ticket we also receive another £1 from central funds - doubling the impact of your money.

Benefits of giving

Investing your money in beautiful places

Join one of our supporter giving programmes, help the work of the National Trust and be invited to an exclusive series of events held at beautiful properties. For more info please call 01793 817687


Legacies are our second largest source of income. No legacy income is spent on overheads or general administration - it is always used for our core work.

In memoriam

If Trengwainton holds special memories for you, perhaps you might wish to consider donating a gift in memory of a loved one?