Behind the scenes

Hives of industry

The Bothy

Bothy at Trengwainton Garden, Cornwall © Andrew Butler

Is it a barn, cottage, fruit store or offices?  At some point in its varied history the Bothy has been all of the above. Mystery surrounds its exact date of construction, but it now serves as office space for the administration of the property and a rest room for the garden team.

Bee house

The glorious autumn colours of the ginko biloba provide a striking setting © National Trust/Marina Rule

While we’re dependent on the hard work of our human garden team, there’s another industrious group at work that’s also essential for our success. 

We rely on the bees in our various colonies to do the work of pollination for our fruit in the walled kitchen garden and orchards.

Mushroom house

Along with the fruit and vegetables grown in the walled kitchen garden, former generations of families at Trengwainton also enjoyed the produce from a mushroom house. We're bringing it back to life.

Mist house

In the far west of Cornwall we’re renowned for our mild climate. This, along with skilful propagating techniques, means plants native to the Far East can be grown here. The mist house has helped to make this possible.

The Old Laundry

Now a beautiful holiday cottage, Nanceglos House was formerly used as the laundry for Trengwainton House. Developed from an 18th-century building, its fascinating original features include a well.

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Restoration of a Victorian beauty