Fuchsia garden

The delicate pink flowers of the Fuchsia microphylla © National Trust/Marina Rule

The delicate pink flowers of the Fuchsia microphylla

The fuchsia garden at Trengwainton takes its name from the many different fuchsias which flower here almost every month of the year.

From the tiniest to the tallest

They range from the tiny Fuchsia microphylla and the Fuchsia procumbens climbing the sloping bed, to a number of unusual tender varieties. The very large tree with orange peeling bark is Fuchsia excorticata. A native of New Zealand, Fuchsia excorticata is the largest species of fuchsia in the world and has edible fruit.

Look up

Crane your neck and you will see Fuchsia coccinea, which has climbed to the top of the tall conifer (athrotaxis) near the entrance to the Foliage Garden.

Also watch out for Coriaria terminalis var. xanthocarpa in the sloping eastern border. A striking perennial with arching, frond-like leaves, it produces clusters of beautifully translucent orange/yellow fruit.

Did you know?

  • Fuchsia excorticata has blue pollen - a very rare colour for pollen
  • The common name for the fuchsia is 'ladies' ear drops' because of their resemblance to ladies' earrings!

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