Lower walled garden

Pink snow in the Campbellii Garden

A carpet of pink petals from Magnolia campbellii in Trengwainton's walled g © National Trust/Marina Rule

Trengwainton’s magnolia campbellii has one of the widest canopies of any campbellii in the country, so the boughs are supported with braces.

Whether in the depths of winter or in full bloom it’s an impressive sight, but one of the best times to take photographs is when the beautiful pink petals begin to fall.

Cameras ready for the Foliage Garden

The inviting bower seat © National Trust/Marina Rule

Like hundreds of visitors before you, you won't want to miss the opportunity to have your photograph taken sitting in this enticing bower seat. While sitting there, take the time to admire the tropical plants in this corner of the garden.

A profusion of fuchsias

It does what it says on the label; the Fuchsia Garden has fuchsias in a variety of size, shape and colour.

Five countries, four walls

There are at least five countries squeezed between the four walls of the Middle Walled Garden; come to Trengwainton and experience the world. 

Tongue-twister in the Veitchii Garden

The twisted trunk of the dawn redwood reflects its tongue-twisting botanical name; metasequoia glyptostroboïdes. It’s one of several trees with fascinating stories in our Veitchii Garden.