Something for everyone

  • Enjoy the intimacy of the small yet surprisingly plentiful gardens, perfectly in keeping with the Tudor manor house
  • Have a go at Tudor garden games for all the family
  • Visit the new Knot Garden and watch it progress
  • Enjoy a carnival of colour and productivity in the vegetable garden
  • Relax amongst the calming hues of the blue and white border
  • Run around, picnic or just lie back and enjoy the open spaces

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About the garden


Trerice turf maze as seen from above © Barbara Moffatt

The garden layout and structure at Trerice as we see it today originates from the Elizabethan period. We have little information about how the gardens and wider landscape were originally developed.  Archaeological evidence shows that the landscape has been used for hundreds of years as farm land, productive grounds, formal and ornamental gardens.


One pin left: a young visitor awaits the outcome of a game of Kayles © NT / Lee Searle

Although the garden is relatively small, we try to ensure that it is:

  • Fun, with a turf maze, Kayles and other games and activities to play
  • Enjoyable, with vibrant, carefully crafted planting schemes
  • Sympathetic, to compliment our historic Elizabethan Manor
  • Productive, growing fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit all year round


Trerice garden volunteers © NT / Lee Searle

We have one full time gardener who looks after the grounds on a daily basis.  She is assisted by a garden manager, as well as a part time seasonal gardener and a fantastic team of 12 volunteers who carry out a range of tasks around the property, come rain or shine, all year round. 


Plants at Trerice

Tulips at Trerice

 Our garden is a small, enchanting space - hundreds of plant labels just wouldn't seem right. We label our plants as they come into their season of interest but if you'd like to know more about any of the plants growing here, please feel free to ask a member of the garden team.

The garden in March

  • A bright carpet of bright pink blooms at Trerice to turn your thoughts © Jen Pina-Trengove

    Cyclamen coum

    Take a stroll up to the Kayling lawn and let this carpet of bright pink blooms turn your thoughts to spring...

  • The Tenby daffodil heralds the first signs of spring at Trerice © Barbara Hide

    Tenby daffodil

     These early daffodils grow around the knot garden, heralding the first signs of spring. 

  • The flowering quince brings a welcome flash of colour at this time of year. © Barbara Hide

    Flowering quince

     Chaenomeles x superba brings a welcome flash of colour at this time of year.

Elizabethan Knot Garden

Artist’s impression of the new Knot Garden at Trerice © NTPL/Simon Riordan

Artist’s impression of the new Knot Garden at Trerice

We've spent the past year creating our stunning new Knot Garden.

800 young yews have been planted to form the framework of this formal garden, interplanted with white roses ('Sweet Child of Mine'), oreganum ('Herrenhausen') and lavender ('Silver Mist'). The garden may be young but it's already a sight to behold, so come along and check on our progress.

50 things at Trerice

  • #16 See who can make the longest daisy chain
  • #24 Wander around our turf maze barefoot and feel the grass tickle your toes
  • #31 Find a quiet corner and be a bug detective