Inside Uppark

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Our collection

Racing Cups at Uppark © National Trust; Nadia MacKenzie

Explore paintings, furniture, ceramics and textiles that the family purchased while on their Grand Tour in Italy and France and domestic utensils from the butler's pantry in the below-stairs servants’ quarters.

Meet the team

House team at Uppark cleaning  © National Trust: Sarah Foster

The House team demonstrates how they care for Uppark's collection. Come and see how they clean silver, learn the secrets of keeping copper shiny and how to care for a chandelier without losing a droplet.


Inside the house

Detail of Uppark Dining Room © National Trust; Nadia MacKenzie

Take a look at some of the rooms at Uppark, both above and below stairs. Trace the family’s love of travel and of collecting fine furniture on the ground floor and peek into the basement rooms where all the hard work was carried out.


More to see

  • Our dolls' house, made nearly 300 years ago
  • The print Room (open as advertised)
  • The tunnels that the servants would have used
  • Humphry Repton's game larder

The dolls' house at Uppark

The dolls' house at Uppark