Taster Tours change daily at Upton © Mike Perry

Taster Tours change daily at Upton

New things to do every day at Upton

Every day there are new activities at Upton and they’re all free of charge.

Ask for details at reception when you arrive. Look out too for the day's information boards both inside and outside the house detailing what's happening.

Walking near Upton House

Try one of our great walks. They take in lush Warwickshire countryside, shaded woodlands and a breathtaking panorama of a famous Civil War battle site.  Plus each has a great pub in just the right place for a breather.

Discover more with Taster Tours

Taster Tours give you guided insights into particular features of interest - and they change from day to day; maybe aspects of our collections of art or porcelain, or learn about the layers of architecture which make up Upton.

Geocaching at Upton

Geocaching is a great way to get outdoors © Lucy Harries

Geocaching is a bit like a treasure hunt and orienteering all mixed together with a GPS (Global Positioning System). You can find our hidden cache using the GPS system found on many smart phones.