Sigrid Holmwood's new work in Upton House


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Upton House is now displaying two new works of art inspired by Upton’s world-class collection of Old Master paintings.

The paintings by contemporary artist, Sigrid Holmwood, are on display in the house throughout 2012 as part of Upton’s Year of Art celebrations.

About Sigrid Holmwood

As she launched Upton’s Year of Art last Spring Sigrid commented: ‘This project gives me the opportunity to collaborate with the collection, heritage and conservation professionals, and of course, the public, using the practice of performative painting. I will be responding to the work of Jan Provost and Jan Steen, 16th and 17th-century Flemish artists whose work is housed in Upton's outstanding collection of Old Masters.’

Sigrid is a self-styled ‘performance painter’ where the act of painting is part of the art. Sigrid makes her own historically accurate costumes from the period and wears them as she paints in public.

Throughout Spring and early Summer 2012 Sigrid paid visits to Upton, interacting with  visitors as she painted, using materials and tools faithful to the 17th century. A cabinet displaying her tools will remain on view in the Picture Gallery for the remainder of Upton’s Year of Art 2012.

Sigrid’s first piece: Touch

Sigrid’s first new piece is her vision of a missing work created by the 17th-century Dutch master Jan Steen.

Upton has four paintings from his series entitled The Five Senses. The fifth painting is an art historical mystery; its creation is not in doubt yet it has never been found.

For the first time in over 350 years Sigrid ‘completed’ the series with an entirely new depiction of the sense of touch which now is on display in Upton's Long Gallery accompanied by Jan Steen's pieces.

Sigrid’s second piece: Nativity at Night

Sigrid’s second work took shape throughout the year in the Picture Gallery, where it now hangs.

The new piece, an oil-on-panel painting, this time inspired by Jan Provost, began life as a blank oak panel and gradually came to life each time Sigrid added another layer of paint.

Whilst working Sigrid chatted to Upton’s visitors about the piece, her experiences as a professional artist and her love of 17th-century Dutch painters.

'Painted Performances'

Sigrid’s project entitled 'Painted Performances' is in collaboration with the Ruskin School Alumni Programme where Sigrid is a visiting lecturer and former student. Sigrid is represented by the Annely Juda Fine Art, London.

Upton’s Year of Art 2012 and featured contemporary artists

Our work with Sigrid is part of a year-long programme of events, walks, tours and trails culminating in a major winter exhibition by internationally famous artist Glenn Brown.

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