Rainy days

Don't let the weather rain on your parade. You can have tons of fun at our places come rain or shine.

Rain is great... for making a mud pies

Rain is one of the perfect ingredients for a fabulous mud pie. Our roving reporter, Leni has some help from some mucky experts in our guide to making a mud pie. Give it a go and you can tick off one of your 50 things to do before you're 11¾.

Fun things to do when it's soggy

  • The rain brings all sorts of amazing creatures out of hiding, so brave the weather and you never know what you might see.
  • See how many splashes it takes to get the water out of a puddle.
  • A sudden downpour is the perfect excuse to pop into one of our tea-rooms or restaurants and enjoy something yummy.
  • Escape the wet weather and pick up an indoor activity pack or see what strange things you can find.

Indoor adventures for rainy days

Helping make meringues in the Erddig kitchen

Helping make meringues in the Erddig kitchen

A bit of rain doesn't have to spoil a family day out. Here are some ideas for things to do indoors on those rainy days.

Downloadable activities (pdfs)

  • Wet weather

    Fancy a day out, at one of our houses or buildings? There are many ways to enjoy a day indoors.

  • Forecast the weather

    Have a go and see if you can cut it as a weather forecaster, following our tips.

  • All about the weather

    If you thought that Cumulonimbus was Harry Potter's broom, you might need to brush up on your fac...