Discover all things shiny at Tin Town


Discover all things shiny at Tin Town © Wonder

Discover all things shiny at Tin Town


In February 2013 the National Trust and Ultimate Holding Company (UHC), a Manchester based art and design collective created Tin Town. The exhibition was displayed in Manchester city centre over the half-term. The work is now on display throughout the house at Dunham Massey until 30 May.

The artists at UHC used the silver collection at Dunham Massey as their inspiration, and recreated many of the pieces out of tin-foil. Tin Town is a celebration of craftsmanship and exploration of ‘value’, in particular what makes something valuable and worth preserving. What is more important, the object or the act of making it?

The name Tin Town refers to the ‘tin’ foil that was used to make the objects in the exhibition and also to the ramshackle tin shed homes of the Irish navvies who helped to make Manchester synonymous with industry and toil.

Silver foil artwork is integrated into the room displays in a way that the original silver cannot be. The beautiful boar cistern is on display in the Dinning Room and the National Trust oak leaf can be seen on Lord Stamford's desk.

An accompanying trail has been developed to help children enjoy the exhibition and their visit to the house.

From the 6 - 10 April there is a special exhibition created by children and inspired by Tin Town, made at workshops led by artists from UHC. Children can also take home a template to create their own artwork at home.

Join us at Dunham Massey from now until 30 May to see this unique artwork.