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Best place to...get married

A wedding in the roundhouse at The Kymin © S Szwer

Do you want to get married somewhere unique? Then we have just the venue for you at The Kymin near Monmouth.

Best place to...bird watch

Majestic Red Kite hunting © Barry Boswell

Soaring high in the skies, as free as a bird. The birds of the mountains are truly free. Enjoy watching them in their natural habitat.

Best place to...go fishing

Trout at Malham Tarn being weighed and recorded before its release © NT

Spending time on the river bank taking in the views and fishing is a great way to spend the day. The river Usk - boasting both salmon and trout - is a fabulous place to fish.

Brecon Beacons appeal

The Brecon Beacons is a special piece of countryside and we need you to help us save this precious place. Could you spare £30 to repair half a metre of footpath – the equivalent of one footstep?

Get walking

The walking opportunities in and around the Brecon Beacons are endless. What ever you walking ability is we have just the right places to get out and enjoy the countryside and nature.

Join in

Fancy some fun and a bit of hard work? Then you might consider several ways to join in. Why not spend a week on one of our working holidays.

More time on your hands become a full time volunteer.

Veteran trees at Clytha

One of the many veteran trees at Clytha © T Bennett

One of the many veteran trees at Clytha

Would you like to meet some real life giants? Take a walk at the Clytha estate, where over 100 veteran trees survive in the majestic parkland. It’s estimated that some of these magnificent trees are nearly 400 years old.

Wildflower hay meadows

Stunning wildflower meadows at Berthlwyd © Will Lewis

Stunning wildflower meadows at Berthlwyd

At Berthlwyd farm wander through fields of dreams, and take your senses on a safari when you walk in a wildflower hay meadow. Allow your eyes to absorb the vast and varied colours of the flowers that dance amongst the long grasses.


Heather in bloom on Abergwesyn common © Will Lewis

Heather in bloom on Abergwesyn common

The heathland of mid and south east Wales is all slightly different. The way that it's grazed and its geology all add to this habitat.


Horse riding

Horse Riding 

Horse Riding

Do you fancy seeing the stunning views of the Brecon Beacons, but don’t like the idea of walking up a mountain? Then why not do it in style on horseback.

On your bike

Action shot of some off road cyclists © Leo Mason

Action shot of some off road cyclists

Cycling or mountain biking. There are plenty of places to get out for an adrenaline rush on two wheels. Make the most of it and take in some spectacular views at the same time.

Stay with us

Situated in the Tarell valley, at the foothills of the Brecon Beacons, our wonderfully equipped and modern bunkhouse sleeps up to 15 people and is available for hire.

Places nearby

  • Tredegar House

    A late 17th-century mansion and one of the wonders of Wales

  • Dyffryn Gardens

    Magnificent Edwardian gardens flowing from grand vistas to intimate spaces overlooked by a large mansion

  • Lanlay

    A landscape abandoned by a generation of progress

  • The Weir

    Escape to this spectacular riverside garden and be absorbed by natural beauty.