Raife Gaskell, National Trust surf ambassador

Three surfers at Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire © Catie

Three surfers at Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire

Raife Gaskell
National Trust surf ambassador

Raife spent his childhood on Pembrokeshire beaches, where he spent more time in the Atlantic than on dry land. He started competitive surfing aged nine and really found his feet when he grabbed a longboard at 14.

Freshwater West

Freshwater West is where I grew up surfing. I've had some of the best times here with my mates, the best barrels, the best laughs and the best wipeouts! It can be an amazing wave when it works, some good rights and lefts and some pretty heavy paddleouts. There are some mean rip currents too. You have to know where they are and how to paddle out of them.


There's more to Fresh than the wave. For me, it's the atmosphere. It's a pretty special place. Making a difference is important to me. If I can get people to change their behaviour and look after places like this then that is brilliant.