The secret sands of Porthoer, Llyn peninsula

The Whistling Sands are so named because the sand whistles under your feet © The National Trust

The Whistling Sands are so named because the sand whistles under your feet

Porthoer beach, on the Llyn peninsula in North Wales, has many secrets to uncover.

It is one of my favourite places, and changes dramatically with the seasons. It’s ideal for a brisk blustery walk in the winter, a hive of activity among families in the summer and a place for calm contemplation in the autumn.

Adventure for all ages

Our Adventure Pack unveils some of the hidden gems which make Porthoer special - from the old limekiln, to the footpaths looking down on the beach or the rock pools brimming with all sorts of creatures.
It’s not only the children who take an interest in our Adventure Pack - some parents turn up to the cabin to claim their prize after finding the hidden treasure.

Underwater discovery

The rock pool ramble revealing a secret underwater world has been one of the most popular activities.
An unforgettable memory for me is while rock pooling with a group. There was a loud splash and as I looked across I saw one of the children getting up soaked from head to toe. When I approached to help, rather than the tears I had expected he had a big smile on his face whilst holding a tiny crab up in the air ‘I got it!' He had become a little over enthusiastic and dived into the pool to catch one of the smallest crabs you’ll ever see.

Whistling sand?

So what makes the sand whistle under your feet as you walk upon it at Porthoer?
I won't spoil that secret, you'll just have to come and find out for yourself.

Rob Parkinson, community ranger, Llyn