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Our royal connections

Many artefacts and objects in our collections have links with the royals

Many artefacts and objects in our collections have links with the royals

We have lots of extraordinary items in our collections with links to royalty. From the book that helped Henry VIII annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon, to the chemise that is believed to have been worn by Mary Queen of Scots at her beheading at Fotherinhay Castle, these are just some of the objects in our collections.

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Author Henry James is thought to have had one of the first ever telephones, installed in his home at Lamb House, Rye in 1912. The room at Lamb House, where it was kept, became known as the Telephone Room. In 1912 very few homes had telephones.

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The Trust looks after the nation’s largest collection of oil paintings. See them all on the BBC Your Paintings website – together with all the nation’s paintings in one online catalogue.

Recent acquisitions

  • Pearly king

    Portrait of King James I of England and VI of Scotland purchased at auction for Montacute.

  • Landscape with a storm

    Painting by Gaspard Dughet, donated to Osterley Park by the estate of Sir Denis Mahon.

  • Holiday snap

    Portrait of a young British woman visiting Rome by Pompeo Batoni, allocated to Basildon Park.

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