Discover our staff and volunteers special places

We would like to share with you some of our staff and volunteers special places with you.

From Elizabethan manor houses in the Midlands to beautiful stretches of coastline in the South West, you'll see why these places are so special to our staff and volunteers.  We hope to inspire you with our memories and experiences so you can share your special places with us, and help grow the nation's love of the places we find special.

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    Laura Malpas special place

    Laura Malpas, Visitor Experience and Community Manager at Canons Ashby in the Midlands has shared her special memories with her daughter playing in the grounds in the spring sunshine.

    'I first visited Canons Ashby in 1996, when we moved into the area. We had a magical day with my little girl, aged 3, flying kites and enjoying the spring sunshine. I remember the wide open spaces, big sky, and a fantastic unspoiled view. We had a great day. 3 years ago, I was able to leave my old job and started working for The National Trust here at Canons Ashby as Visitor Experience Manager.'

    'I am currently acting as Manager whilst our Property Manager is on secondment, and frankly I can hardly believe my good fortune. Every day as I drive to work I appreciate the opportunity to help all our visitors have a great day, and to walk in the footsteps of the Dryden family who built this estate over 450 years ago, taking my turn to manage this very special place.'

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    Charlotte Pratt's special place

    Charlotte Pratt, Marketing Executive at Heelis has shared that taking in the view at Gammon Head is special to her.

    'This is my special place because it’s such a stunning stretch of coastline and is home to a beautiful hidden cove accessible only by foot. I remember the first time I was taken here, I never imagined finding such a picture perfect cove. You have to trek along the coast path for a good 45 minutes before you stumble upon it and although the footpath path down is a little treacherous, it’s well worth it.'

    'Sitting on the beach it’s easy to forget you’re in England and not on some exotic Caribbean island, albeit for the choppy waters which crash into the surrounding rocks. Every time I go the sun shines and every trip I fall in love with this special spot a little bit more.'

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    Volunteer Sandra Lawrence's special place

    Sandra Lawrence, Volunteer at Sheffield Park and Garden shares how Sheffield Park and Garden holds magical memories for her.

    'STOP the world and leave the mad whirring daily roundabout. Enter the magic of Sheffield Park & Garden.'

    'Here in winter when ice covers the lakes and resident geese forage, undisturbed, by the banks, it is time for quiet contemplation. Stroll along the lake-sides, note the mirror images and feel the ice crunch beneath your feet. This glorious scene will soothe your soul.'

    ‘Winter, spring, summer or fall' - as the song goes - the sheer beauty of this place is beyond superlatives. As I proudly guide our visitors round, I hope their spirits are lifted too. I LOVE IT!'

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    Volunteer Martin Shepley's special place

    Martin Shepley, Volunteer Gardener at Croft Castle in the Midlands shares his memories of the stunning blue carpet of bluebells that cover the forest floor.

    'Croft Castle Herefordshire - Away from the formal gardens, just for one week in May, the woodlands are transformed with a blue carpet. Walk along the pathways and linger in your own favourite spot. I have mine picked out for next year.'

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