Join in

Restore lost features of the landscape

A derelict wall now rebuilt © Martin Clayton

A derelict wall now rebuilt

This was once a lost feature in the Duddon Valley landscape.

Restored by our Rangers and long-term volunteer, this wall is useful again.

Dig holes

Digging for victory © Martin Clayton

Digging for victory

Yes we do dig holes.

Lots of them when we need to do fencing works.

Learn new skills

This new fence will protect the new hedge we're planting © Martin Clayton

This new fence will protect the new hedge we're planting

There is always much needed work to be done. We don't find work - it finds us!

We deal with many tenant farmers doing positive conservation work. This is fencing to protect our new hedge which we are planting.

What do you want to do?

  • Dry stone walling
  • Fencing (post/wire, post/rail)
  • Hedgelaying (season specific)
  • Gate hanging and stile repair/construction
  • Wildlife surveys
  • Footpath work and surveys
  • Visitor engagement

On our volunteer menu

  • A varied programme of tasks
  • A way to put something back into Wasdale, Eskdale and Duddon
  • A great way to get fit
  • A chance to meet new people
  • A fun experience

For further information

  • Telephone: 01946 726046
  • Email: