Working holidays

Volunteers get creative © Working Holiday Volunteer

Volunteers get creative

A holiday to give something back

With a variety of tasks on offer there is something for everyone. You could be building a wall, repairing a footpath, mapping a habitat or even having a bonfire. Many holidays also combine the work with an activity so you may find yourself surfing, walking or taking pictures as part of the week.

Plenty of time to explore

Enjoy the stunning countryside around Countisbury for walking and relaxing

Whilst the work is important so is the adventure, it can be as strenuous or lazy as you like. The evenings can be spent in the pub next door or capturing a beautiful sunset. Some holidays will have an organised activity.

Share a meal at the end of the day

Take turns at cooking and share a meal together

Take turns at cooking and share a meal together

Part of the fun of a working holiday is about sharing the domestic side of things at the Bunkhouse. This might mean cooking the evening meal, washing the dishes or giving the minibus a wash at the end of the week.