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Woods, heaths and the best coastal views

This is the perfect place for a breezy walk along, or up and down, the hills of north Norfolk.

Enjoy the sun on the heaths or shelter from the wind in the woods.

In a stroll of a couple of miles you can see eight species of trees and depending on the season, a variety of flowers, birds, bees and butterflies.

Enjoy the views over the coastal villages and Sheringham; they are different every day.  

Look for the signs of a Napoleonic signal station, near to the car park.

Or just relax and have a picnic!


The heaths

Our heathland is the most valuable part of this property. Scrub has been cut and cleared and humus has been scraped off to help regenerate the heather.

The woods

Sun shining through beech trees

Walk in our woods and see silver birches, rowan (mountain ash), oak, ash and sweet chestnut. There are also old beech trees that were planted when the land was part of the Felbrigg estate.

Rare species

White Admiral

Our heaths are home to the white admiral, the rare barred chestnut moth, hummingbird hawkmoth and the silver-washed fritillary butterfly. Most years we also host nightjars, lizards, grass snakes and adders.

Blow away the cobwebs

Take a bracing, invigorating walk. Wander or power walk (depending on how much energy you have) through woodlands or over heathlands.

Just keep one eye open for some breathtaking views towards the North Sea.

Signs of change


The National Trust signs at West Runton & Beeston Regis Heath, Town Hill and Incleborough Hill will be removed over the winter.  New signs are planned for spring 2015.

For more information you can ring 01263 820559 or email us.

Wellies or sun hat?