Our views

  • Reducing our fossil fuel usage

    Our target is to generate 50 per cent of all energy we use from renewable sources by 2020. We've been successful in decommissioning oil tanks, lowering our energy costs and reducing carbon emissions. All this has been achieved with an aim to enhance rather than compromise sensitive buildings, settings and landscapes.

  • Shale gas extraction

    We have a presumption against fracking on our land because natural gas is a fossil gas. The mining process also gives rise to potential environmental and landscape impacts.

  • Climate change impacts

    Managing over 775 miles of coastline, 250,000 hectars of land, and over 300 mansions and gardens open to the public is giving us a good insight into how the changing climate is already impacting on our environment and society. We're also getting a better understanding of what may be needed to adapt to that change.

  • Shifting shores

    The extent of our coastal holdings gives us a unique window on the issues of coastal change. Read our Shifting Seas report to see how we're dealing with the threat of climate change on the UK coastline.

  • From source to sea

    Water is essential to our role in caring for and promoting the importance of nature and heritage – every one of our sites depends upon, and interacts with water in some way. In our report, From Source to Sea, we look at what water means to us, and what we need to do to conserve it.