Success stories

  • The Bishop's Palace, Downhill

    Downhill is located on the North Coast of Co. Londonderry to the west of the town of Castlerock. The estate covers an area of about 152 acres and was acquired by us in the 1980s as the core remnant of a landscaped estate, established in the late 18th Century.

    The survey and excavation project 2009-2011 was initiated as part of a research strategy to record and interpret the archaeology of the Downhill Estate.

  • Formby Footprints

    We have always known that Formby is a site of major archaeological and historical importance. But erosion of the sand here has revealed some exciting discoveries, including footprints that date back to the late Neolithic era (7,000 years ago).

  • The Chantry Chapel

    This 15th-century chapel was restored by Gilbert Scott in 1875 and is now open to the public as as a second-hand bookshop. As the oldest building in Buckingham, when we decided to make some internal alterations, we needed to carry out a detailed archaeological survey first.

  • Uffington White Horse - how old?

    This chalk figure seems to gallop across the chalk downland. Whilst it is best viewed from the air, this majestic form is something to behold from close up. It is about 3,000 years old, making it the oldest dated chalk figure in Great Britain.