Landscape partnership

Working together

Supporting the landscape

Supporting the landscape

The Up on the Downs Landscape Partnership Scheme is a five year Heritage Lottery Funded project involving a wide range of partners. Up on the Downs aims to work with local communities to conserve and celebrate the landscape and heritage of the Dover and Folkestone area.

About the project

  • The Heritage Lottery Fund have kindly donated towards the project © Heritage Lottery Fund

    Heritage Lottery

    The Up on the Downs landscape partnership is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund

  • Protecting the cliffs for the future © Sylvaine Poitau

    What we're doing

    The project brings together 14 partners to help improve the landscape in and around Dover.

  • A male Chalkhill Blue butterfly © Matthew Oates

    What's happening

    Trying to improve the landscape to make a place for people and wildlife to enjoy.

Getting involved

We're looking for people to help the project, from volunteering with us and other partners on conservation tasks or helping with our research. You can also help us take care of our sheep, cattle and ponies as part of our lookering scheme

Our Up on the Downs projects

Access for everyone

Improving access for everyone © Gareth Wiltshire

We will be building an accessible path that will be suitable for push chairs and wheelchair users. This will give everyone the opportunity to get a view of the cliffs. We will also be replacing some of our signs within the visitor centre so that visitors who don't want to walk to the cliffs or lighthouse can also see the natural beauty of the landscape.

Caring for the landscape

Protecting this special place © David Lewing

Many rare and specialised plants make their home on the cliffs; this project allows us to revert small sections of farmland back into natural chalk grassland habitat. The specialised plants can colonise these new areas of the cliff top, providing a fantastic habitat for birds and invertebrates as well as increasing the area open to the public.

To the lighthouse

A remarkable landmark © National Trust/Sylvaine Poitau

In recent years the interior of the lighthouse has been suffering from severe damp and a build up of salt. This has caused damage to the plaster inside the lighthouse. With the help of the partnership we are researching the causes of these problems and how we can reverse the damage, as well as discovering more about the construction of the lighthouse and its history.