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Take a walk with nature

Nature trail

Take a stroll with our nature guide, it will show you all the best places to spot wildlife while you enjoy the views

Our spotter guides

Bird spotter guide

Catch a glimpse of a raven © Simon Ovenden

Why not take a walk and see what birds you can see. We've even made a handy bird spotting guide to help you, while your out on your walk.

Plant spotter guide

See if you can spot an Early Spider Orchid © Robert Sonnen

We've made a special plant spotter guide that you can use throughout the year to identify the plants that make their home here.

Butterfly spotter guide

The common blue butterfly has a distinctive white fringe around it’s wings © National Trust

Go on a butterfly hunt across the cliffs and see how many of the 15 species you'll see. We've even made a handy spotter guide for you.

Go bird spotting

Go bird watching and discover some of the birds that make their home on the cliffs with our handy bird identification sheet.

Caring for nature

Take a look at the work we do to protect the wildlife here. From conservation grazing to surveys, we work hard to protect this special place for wildlife.

Walking your dog

If you and your best friend are coming for a walk here, help us protect the wildlife by reading our simple dog walking guide.