A fun day out

We offer a wide range of activities suitable for young people, from pre-schoolers to high school children.

We can arrange a visit to fit in with a study topic or simply plan a fun day out.

We like to get children outside as much as possible so, as well as having an inside classroom, we have shelters in our Education Area.

Activities for school visits

Pond Dipping

Children pond dipping at Wicken Fen © NT/Wicken Fen

Suitable for all age groups

Topics: Foodchains, habitats, minibeasts


Children pond dipping at Wicken Fen © NT/Wicken Fen

Suitable for all ages

Activities include sweep netting, log rolling and dragonfly hunt

Topics: Minibeasts, habitats


Share your pictures © Carol Spurway

Suitable for all ages

Topics: The walk can be adapted to fit the topic of your visit. Sensory (KS1), habitats, history & drainage, management & conservation (KS3+)


Fen Cottage

Historic Fen Cottage © Fisheye Images

Suitable for up to KS3

Take a guided tour around our traditional Fen Cottage & Workshop. Learn how people lived & worked on the Fen.

Topics: Social history

Fen flora

Wicken Fen is internationally important nature reserve © Joe Cornish

Suitable for KS3+; a simplified version is available for KS2

Topics: Plants, sampling, compare plants growing on clay & peat soils, key features of typical fenland plants


High-tec treasure hunting © John Millar

Suitable for KS2+

Use GPS for a high-tech treasure hunt. Working in small groups, children use a pre-loaded GPS to find hidden caches. We can add questions or challenges to the caches to fit in with the theme of your visit.

Wild Art

Wild art spiders web made by children at Wicken Fen © NT/Wicken Fen

Suitable for up to KS2

Use what you've learnt from other activities to create an animal that lives on the fen using natural materials.

Learning in the great outdoors

Learning in the great outdoors

Learning team

A member of the learning team will lead your school visit, supported by a team of knowledgeable and friendly volunteers.

Reach the learning team by email or phone 01353 720274 to discuss your specific needs.

Admission prices

Admission for visiting schools is charged at £2.20 per child.

If your school has the National Trust Education Group Membership, admission is free. Accompanying adults are free.


Education Group Membership (EGM) gives every child on your school trip free entry to National Trust places.

Costs are worked out on the total number of children in the school. EGM cards can be purchased at Wicken Fen.

Activity prices

Children sweep netting at Wicken Fen

  • Activities cost £1.75 per child per activity
  • Activities last 45–60 minutes
  • You can fit 3 activities into a full-day visit and 2 into a morning visit