Our work

Looking after Wicken Fen


Wicken Fen has been under the care and protection of the National Trust for over 110 years.

Today the reserve covers an area of 760 hectares (1,887 acres) and is looked after by a dedicated team of Rangers and volunteers.

Ranger's blog

Follow the Wicken Ranger's as they blog about their work looking after the nature reserve.

Wicken Fen Vision

The Wicken Fen Vision is an ambitious project to create a landscape scale nature reserve stretching from Wicken Fen to the edge of Cambridge, creating new habitats for both wildlife and humans.

Saving Sedge Fen

A new windpump is helping to give rare wetland plants on Sedge Fen a potentially life saving drink of water.

Discover how the Trust and Environment Agency joined forces to help protect this unique habitat.

A bridge for nature

This autumn we're building a new bridge across Harrison's Drove.

The bridge will link two large grazing areas for our konik ponies, highland cattle and wild animals helping them create and maintain vital habitats for our amazing wildlife.

You can support this project by donating to our Wicken Fen appeal.